This review celebrates a debut in nearly one-year bullsound history and marks a step into a whole new direction for this blog: Blog posts in English! As a non-native I’ve never been too confident of my English skills but I will try my best to improve them further and offer my English-speaking readers enjoyable blog posts.

For my very first English blog post I chose to review an album that has touched me in a really emotional way: THEY BLEED RED from Devil You Know

The whole album is just perfect for the winter months and provides me with melancholic vibes that perfectly fit this uncomfortable and cold weather. (Instagrammers would call it sweater-weather, yeah I know.) But why else does this album mean so much to me? That’s easy to answer – because it reflects personal growth.

Devil You Know’s frontman Howard Jones, who was the lead singer of Killswitch Engage for a very long time, is one of those mysterious characters in the metal world. Not having an attitude like other frontmen, Howard always seemed like a shy, down to earth guy… but silent waters run deep. On The Jasta Show Howard opens up about his past and tells Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta that he struggled with addiction and depression for many years and that he decided to disappear from one day to the other while leaving his former bandmates totally in the dark. During this time, Howard had one of his scariest episodes, as he turned away from the band without even telling anybody and locked himself up hoping he could fight his inner demons by himself…with a gun. Luckily, everything went well but these sad circumstances reflect what his new band’s name is about – Howard Jones is the devil you know. He stands for the common problems, the evil and horrible things in our lives that society wants to hide: Alcoholism, depression, anxiety… The issues that divide families and leave deep marks onto our souls.

Can’t you see I struggle from within? Searching for the sun – The Devil You know

However, through his lyrics Howard, not being a stranger to depression, addiction and suicidal tendencies, finds a way to help the audience to accept their own problems and flaws. He tells us all that it’s okay to have a dark side, just embrace it and find a way to live with it. „The way we die“ one of my favorite songs of the album addresses these issues perfectly. The video for this track turned out rather sarcastic… I hope all the strippers don’t distract from the awesome music and lyrics, but you might just want to give it a try!

With „Let the pain take hold“ the band even provides a power-ballade to the fans who are mostly also Killswitch Engage fans and don’t mind an emotional peek as long as it takes under 5 minutes. Just think about „Breathe life“ from THE END OF HEARTACHE…oh well, that album title was already dramatic enough.

But nevermind, THEY BLEED RED has really a lot to offer: Heavy guitars, awesome breakdowns, deep lyrics and a bunch of energy. Since the band consists of many experienced musicians such as John Sankey (Devolved, Divine Heresy, Fear Factory), Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish) and Ryan Wombacher (Bleeding Through) this isn’t unexpected at all and Devil You Know can well-deservedly call themselves a metal supergroup.

Bottom line: THEY BLEED RED is a statement album – it’s raw, powerful and thrilling. At the same time it’s also honest, vulnerable and pure. All the feelings that a fan could have missed on AS DAYLIGHT DIES, the last Killswitch Engage album on which Howard Jones appeared, can be found on Devil You Know’s latest release. Support the band now and get THEY BLEED RED on Nuclear Blast!

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